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Dr. Jaya Ferreira

Chinese medicine practitioner/clinic director

From the youngest age I have been surrounded by healing and a natural way of living. Having a mother who works in massage, aromatherapy, and crystal healing has meant that it was good nutrition or different modalities of natural healing that were the go to when I didn’t feel good.

Truthfully though, it has only been in my adult life that I can appreciate the knowledge and benefit it has given me. It has been through my own health journey that I have been empowered to take responsibility for my health and find out what works for me and how I can become the best version of myself.

After getting my degree in Chinese Medicine/Human Biology from RMIT University, and working in various clinics in Melbourne, I developed a love of women’s health, in particularly working with hormones in natural fertility and pregnancy support. I believe the human body is such an incredible system and when it is balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually it is capable of some incredible things.

I am constantly amazed how to body responds to treatments such as acupuncture, crystal healing, and aromatherapy.

My passion lies with the innate ability of the body to support and empower itself. Whether it is nutrition, acupuncture, functional medicine or energetics I am committed to working with my clients to help them find their own balance in their health and wellbeing. This includes giving them the tools to making lasting changes within their lives.


Dr. Bianca Zeinstra

Chinese medicine practitioner


Like many practitioners I came to Chinese medicine from personally experiencing the benefits. As a teenager, I suffered with bad acne and through exploring different natural therapies, found this to work for me. From this experience, I developed a deep interest in Chinese medicine. With the encouragement of my mum, a midwife and advocate of natural and alternative therapies, after secondary school I went to RMIT to study a double degree in Applied Science (Chinese medicine & Human Biology).

Since finishing my studies at RMIT I have continued my training focusing on the use of Chinese medicine in fertility and also Five Elements Acupuncture. This style of acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that works by treating a person at the levels of body, mind, heart and spirit. This enable a person to achieve harmony with themselves and their emotions. Five Elements further enhances my skills in fertility and women’s health due of the importance of achieving harmony in the body. I love helping women and men to achieve their wellbeing and fertility goals, and supporting women through their pregnancies, and find acupuncture is wonderful during this time for musculoskeletal concerns and pain management.

When I’m not working at Natural Fertility Geelong I love playing Aussie Rules football, hanging out with all my pets, I have a dog, cat, sheep and three birds! And ever since travelling to China for my internship in 5th year at university I have been so fascinated with Chinese culture, history and tradition, so I can often be found reading novels and history books about China.


Dr Surya Schimana-Chiller

Chinese medicine practitioner


My interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine was sparked from a young age when I was treated by a practitioner in my home town of Byron Bay. I was fascinated by the way they used the face, the tongue and the pulse to gain information about my health and constitution. Acupuncture provided me with relief for my menstrual and musculoskeletal pain and problematic teenage skin.

I moved to Geelong 6 years ago, after traveling the world, to be closer to my grandmother and commence studying acupuncture at Endeavour College of Natural Health. During my degree my interest in women’s health was sparked. It continued to grow when I connected with Jaya here at Natural Fertility for mentoring and landed a job at reception! From being in the clinic, with the practitioners and clients, I knew women’s health and fertility were the areas for me.

Over the years, I have done extra study in these areas and a number of other specific training programs to enhance my knowledge and skills. I know first hand how debilitating period pain and difficulties with our menstrual cycle can be and I love using acupuncture and Chinese medicine to assist women on their journeys towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Relevant Continuing Education

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)

  • Fertile Life Seminar

  • Getting to the Point seminar

  • NLP Practitioner training

  • Yaron Seidman Hun Yuan Medicine

  • Paul McLoed Australian Acupuncture Workshops - scalp acupuncture, blood letting, Japanese Moxibustion

My areas of interest include

  • Women’s health

  • Fertility

  • Pregnancy & Labour preparation

  • Musculoskeletal pain

  • Menstrual pain

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia

  • General energy and well being

  • Stress and anxiety


Kristen Peel

Nutritionist {Currently on Maternity Leave}


I have always had a passion for health and wellness.  Prior to becoming a nutritionist I worked as a lawyer, but I eventually decided it was time to follow my passion and make the leap into health.   I haven’t looked back since!  During my postgraduate study at Deakin University, I particularly enjoyed learning about the body and the miraculous ways food can fuel us, keep us healthy and help to heal our bodies.  I have a strong interest in fertility and the way women’s bodies’ change and adapt throughout their lifespan. 

Personally, my proudest achievement is becoming a mother although this has not been an easy road for me.  As a healthy, fit and relatively young woman I expected that my first pregnancy would go by without a hitch - and mostly it did.  However, after four excruciating/joyous/painful/love-filled/stressful days our daughter passed away.  One year and one day after our first daughter was born, our second daughter entered the world.  These experiences have shaped who I am as a person, a wife and a mother and have helped me become a more empathetic health care provider.

My health philosophy isn’t complicated.  I believe that eating healthily and leading an active lifestyle is the best way to optimize health and wellness, both physically and mentally. Knowledge is power, and having an understanding of nutritional principles sets you up for a lifetime of wellness.  Knowing what your body needs and eating accordingly gives you the power to do away with strict diets, and gives you confidence that you are doing all you possibly can to achieve your own personal level of wellness.  I am keen to share my knowledge and I want to help you on your path to wellness. 

What I can do for you:

I can help you to get healthy and stay that way through personalized service.  I can assist with:

·      Couples wanting to get ‘baby-ready’;

·      Couples trying to conceive naturally;

·      IVF support;

·      Pregnancy, including difficult pregnancies and specific conditions;

·      Post-natal support, including breastfeeding, weaning and weight-loss; and

·      General family nutrition.

I can help you get healthy and eat in a way that is sustainable to your lifestyle and help you make sustained lifestyle changes.  I will help you make changes progressively, so that they become a part of your lifestyle and do so in a stress free way that fits within your comfort level of change.


Libby Morgan



My interest in approaching health from a holistic point comes from my love of good food and a strong desire to help people. After spending my 20’s working and travelling Australia by tinkering with different careers (florist, aspiring artist, retail worker, art gallery worker, waitress, P.A.) I went back to uni to study nutritional medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health. My main reasons for becoming a Nutritionist haven’t changed over the years, but my view of health and wellbeing have. And it is these reasons combined with my evolved mindset that I bring into my practice with you, to increase health no matter your starting point. I like to combine my foundational knowledge of nutritional medicine, pathology and human biology with the life lessons, discoveries and further learning I have accumulated over my life. I don’t believe in restriction for long or short term happiness and health. But I do believe in listening closely to what we need and treating ourselves with the utmost respect.

We love what we care for and we care for what we love.

When you choose to work with me, developing a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself is where we will begin. I’ll be your cheerleader for self-development and we will go at a pace that suits you, with a little bit of a nudge from time to time. We will explore barriers to change, eat delicious food, laugh (and possibly cry) as you move towards the place you want to be.

I have a particular interest in womens health; periods, fertility, preconception care, pregnancy support, body image, self care and mindfulness. al

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